Turkish and Minority Lineages Ottoman Archives


Turkish and Minority Lineages Ottoman Archives

Within the scope of the information obtained from the e-government sub-upper family who want to reach before their ancestors and for this purpose the research need to follow the path, you need to have any documents belonging to the Ottoman period. If you have any documents that belong to your ancestors, then it is possible to search backwards from the State Archives.

If you have any documents from the Ottoman period, you should know that your ancestors have been researched.

Have you ever thought about researching the stories of your ancestors and the unknowns of your family tree?

In addition, Ismail Yetimoğlu and his team,

In order to reach the population registration information of non-Muslim (Christian, Armenian and Jewish) citizens born in Turkey during the Ottoman period or the Republic period, to remove the family family tree and to reach their living heirs, examination of both the Ottoman Archives and the records of Churches and synagogues can be done. 

Professional investigators (special genealogists) from the MaviAy private detective company are conducting archival investigations of old records (Ottoman Empire period Archive) churches and synagogues in Turkey to find any clues to help them create a family tree on demand.

Maviay private detective professional researchers from the company (private genealogy experts), in Turkey, old records to find any clue that will help to create a family tree on-demand (Ottoman Period Archives) examination is making.

ÖDD - President of the Private Detectives Association and Maviay Private Detective Company Founder İsmail Yetimoğlu says that genealogy research has increased the demands of customers for interesting purposes.

If you want to learn about your family tree, a simple Google search for your last name will give you hundreds of data. Many people now turn to MaviAy Detective experts, genealogists to investigate the history of their ancestors. old archives in Turkey and abroad meticulously seeks to discover the names of their great-grandparents to help in the search.

To learn more about the rising trend and the growing interest in genealogy, please make an appointment with İsmail Yetimoğlu, President of the Private Detective Association and Maviay Private Detective Founder.

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